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Here are no unattractive women – only women who don’t care or
don’t believe they’re attractive

Estee Lauder

Beauty, health and great emotions is everything that woman needs for feeling astonishing! You can get all of
this easily at VK Skin SPA. Here we take care of:

  • your beauty by offering the wide range of cosmetic procedures;
  • your health by providing you with treatment services;
  • your emotions by creating warm and cozy atmosphere.

Individual approach to each client

Your personal needs and problems are important

Not only highly experienced professionals, but lifetime friends

Complete relaxation and best results

VK Skin SPA is a place for those who are used to hold the central stage and be at their best. Ideal is not so far as it seems, and you are worthy of it!

Forget all the troubles and problems, close your eyes and dive into the miraculous voyage to our temple of beauty – where you will find the soothing harmony, life energy and boundless delight.

We offer best forefront developments of the beauty industry. The spa-procedures are performed using the innovative devices and the newest cosmetic products. We guarantee this combination will give you the cosmic magnetism and the wish to live and shine like a diamond for people around you.

VK Skin professionals will consult you with pleasure and help you to choose the most suitable procedures. Whether it will be the oxygen, vitamin or microneedling therapy, deep cleansing facial, radio frequency procedure or just eyelashes coloring – it does not matter at all. The result will always be the same: your natural charm will multiply. And just two people on the whole planet will know the secret of your perfection: you and your cosmetologist.

Our mission is to give people beauty, youth and freshness. YOU are our inspiration!

We are waiting for you!

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