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Face massage, BROOKLYN NY

Classic massage is one of the most relaxing treatments for the skin. You can use it to effectively get rid of unwanted wrinkles. In fact, this procedure is no less important than various “chemical” beauty products.
  • Classic face massage – $50

Classic massage is one of the most relaxing treatments for the skin. You can use it to effectively get rid of unwanted wrinkles. In fact, this procedure is no less important than various “chemical” beauty products.

Each woman wants to be beautiful and to look young and attractive at any age. There are lots of different methods of dealing with aging. As far as first signs of the skin aging are wrinkles, you should take care of your face. For high-grade skin care, you need to use spa procedures, like a face massage. If you combine different spa treatments together, you will forget about skin aging and wrinkles once and for all!

Classic massage is quite simple and does not need any extraordinary time expenses. It is effective for all ages, so you can go for it.

In fact, the secret of this type of massage lies in rubbing, pressing, vibrating, and stroking techniques. What is more, during the massage session, the specialist touches special lines and points on the face responsible for the functioning of internal organs. This type of massage creates an effect of complete relaxation and comfort for the whole body.

Unfortunately, even this type of massage has a certain number of contraindications. In some cases, the procedure is not possible or may hurt. These are:

  • Various skin inflammations;
  • Bulking, ulcers, abrasions;
  • Herpes;
  • Any type of cancer;
  • Hypertension, dystonia, thin vessels;
  • Temperature above normal;
  • Inflammation of the facial nerve.

Before you sign up for a session, you need to consult a specialist who can help to determine the type of your skin and give advice on the number of sessions you need. You can get a free consultation from our experienced specialists at VK Skin SPA.

Number of sessions
Cosmetologists recommend visiting about 15-20 sessions of classic massage, depending on your skin type, with the interval of a day or two between sessions.

Plastic massage creates a strong and long-lasting effect on the skin. It improves the muscle functioning, blood circulation, reduces swelling, gives a wonderfully fresh look and enhances the natural hue of your skin!
  • Plastic face massage – $50

The struggle with imperfections is not a problem today thanks to new technologies and plastic surgery. But why to take extreme measures when you can go for the plastic massage! According to the latest researches, it is one of the most successful and high-quality procedures that fight with unwanted wrinkles and keep you young!

With its extraordinary technique of invasive facelift, this type of massage prevents the signs of aging. It is one of the best procedures to preserve the natural facial contours and relieve muscle tension! This type of face massage also has such amazing effects as better blood circulation, firmness of skin, and increasing skin turgor. And all this is achieved only with the fingers of our skillful specialists!

The main difference from the classic massage is primarily in the technology, while both of them aim at rejuvenating your skin and making you look younger.

Like other procedures that have contraindications, this massage is no exception. Plastic massage is prohibited for people who suffer from:

  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • any inflammatory and infectious diseases of the skin;
  • violation of the skin integrity.

Before attending the session, you can get the free consultation. Our experts will help identify your skin condition and the presence of contraindications.

Number of sessions:
The number of sessions is determined by an expert, as this is an individual matter, and much depends on the condition of your skin. The interval between sessions usually is about 1-2 days. After a full course of the plastic massage, cosmetologists recommend having a couple of additional procedures during the next month.

Frequently asked questions

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1. Which age is appropriate for visiting VK Skin SPA?

There are no age restrictions for visiting our place. However, you should consult the cosmetologist before signing up for the beauty session as far as some of the procedures are not recommended for people under 18 (for instance, chemical peels).

2. What is included into the price of services?

You get various bonuses for each particular case. Each procedure you order goes with our gift that includes makeup removal, skin preparation with nourishing cream and treats from VK Skin SPA for our clients: tea, coffee, sweets and fruits.
The price of the mesoderm microneedling procedure already includes the preparatory enzymatic peel as well as facial mask and LED-therapy at the end of the procedure. In order to find out which additional services are included into the promotion offers, check out the Hot Promotions page and click on the offers you like most. You are guaranteed to find a lot of pleasant surprises there!

3. What are your guarantees?

VK Skin SPA has a friendly and cozy atmosphere of complete relaxation accompanied by harmonious lounge music, sensible team of professional cosmetologists with a great hands-on experience and individual approach to each client. We guarantee to endow you with freshness, beauty and gorgeousness. What is more, we will give you the best skincare advice for your face and body that you can follow at home, as well as teach you how to take care of your amazing beauty outside VK Skin SPA and always be at your best!

4. How can I pay for the VK Skin SPA services?

Choose the payment option which is the most convenient for you: in cash, with a credit card or by check.

5. I’ve got VK Skin Spa certificate as a present, what can I choose?

If you are a lucky owner of our certificate, you can either choose the service on your own at the website or call us and get the detailed consultation. We will help you to relate your needs to the sum of the certificate and choose most suitable spa-procedures.

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