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Mesoderm microneedling procedure

Mesoderm microneedling procedure, BROOKLYN NY

Nowadays Mesoderm Microneedling Procedure is one of the safest, least painless and most effective methods of skin care. Its revitalizing effect is obvious. You can see the difference already after a couple of sessions. After 4-5 visits to the cosmetologist your skin becomes smooth, silky and healthy. Our spa salon is the only one in the whole Brooklyn where you can find an innovative mesoderm device.
  • Mesoderm microneedling procedure – $150

How does Microneedle Mesotherapy work?
Due to the vacuum created by the device, lots of microneedles safely penetrate into the upper layers and infuse nutritions.

Due to removal of old micro-zones from the upper layers of the skin, infusion of the therapeutic agents into the mesoderm takes place in the natural way – through skin microchannels. After the procedure the new epidermis is created, as the newly generated fibroblasts provide recovery of the basal layers and fill the space with collagen and elastin. Improved blood circulation guarantees the long positive effect – even after one cycle of procedures your skin will regenerate faster.

Is it painless?
The length of microneedles is designed in such a way that they don’t reach nerve endings and capillaries. You won’t feel anything except for the suction (feeling of vacuum). For the treatment of the sensitive areas – around eyes and lips – cosmetologist uses special configuration settings for the device. Even if you are highly sensitive, don’t be afraid. This procedure is suitable for women and men of any skin type and color.

It’s clinically proven that Mesoderm Microneedling Procedure removes wrinkles, scars, acne, stretch marks, and age spots. It also allows you to narrow pores, get rid of the excessive dryness and uneven tone.

Please keep in mind that it is not advisable to use creams that consist of retinol, hydroquinone or glycolic acid at least for 72 hours before the procedure. This procedure is not recommended to people who have recently done botox injections or sunbathing.

– Fast recovery after microinjections.
– Painless even for customers with a low sensitivity threshold.
– The effect is noticeable after a few sessions.
– Your beauty will shine for a long time after the course of procedures.

How much time does the treatment cycle take?
A cosmetologist develops an individual plan for each client. One session may take from 30 to 60 minutes. An important advantage of the Mesoderm Microneedling Procedure is a quick recovery. Redness lasts at least 20 minutes, in rare cases – for an hour. At this time it is better to relax and look forward to a wonderful effect. After a couple of hours you will return to your everyday life, apply makeup and delight everybody with your charm.

The number of sessions is determined by the client’s skin type and condition, it may take three to six visits to the cosmetologist. It is important to make pauses between the procedures at least for two weeks. Wonderful results will be visible already after your second visit. The closer you’ll get to the end of your individual procedure plan, the better new cells of the epidermis will be.

After all the sessions of microneedle mesotherapy we recommend to clean, moisturize and protect sensitive skin from any irritation. It will be in great need of nutrients. Don’t use products containing ethyl alcohol, lanolin, propylene glycol, white petrolatum, and chemical sunscreens.

Microneedle mesotherapy is a perfect procedure for rejuvenation and improving skin condition of face, neck, neckline and hands. Do you want to look chic at any age?

Come to VK Skin Spa! We’ll help you to become younger and more beautiful!

Frequently asked questions

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1. Which age is appropriate for visiting VK Skin SPA?

There are no age restrictions for visiting our place. However, you should consult the cosmetologist before signing up for the beauty session as far as some of the procedures are not recommended for people under 18 (for instance, chemical peels).

2. What is included into the price of services?

You get various bonuses for each particular case. Each procedure you order goes with our gift that includes makeup removal, skin preparation with nourishing cream and treats from VK Skin SPA for our clients: tea, coffee, sweets and fruits.
The price of the mesoderm microneedling procedure already includes the preparatory enzymatic peel as well as facial mask and LED-therapy at the end of the procedure. In order to find out which additional services are included into the promotion offers, check out the Hot Promotions page and click on the offers you like most. You are guaranteed to find a lot of pleasant surprises there!

3. What are your guarantees?

VK Skin SPA has a friendly and cozy atmosphere of complete relaxation accompanied by harmonious lounge music, sensible team of professional cosmetologists with a great hands-on experience and individual approach to each client. We guarantee to endow you with freshness, beauty and gorgeousness. What is more, we will give you the best skincare advice for your face and body that you can follow at home, as well as teach you how to take care of your amazing beauty outside VK Skin SPA and always be at your best!

4. How can I pay for the VK Skin SPA services?

Choose the payment option which is the most convenient for you: in cash, with a credit card or by check.

5. I’ve got VK Skin Spa certificate as a present, what can I choose?

If you are a lucky owner of our certificate, you can either choose the service on your own at the website or call us and get the detailed consultation. We will help you to relate your needs to the sum of the certificate and choose most suitable spa-procedures.

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